​​​​​​​​A support kit for breastfeeding mums

pumping milk for their babies in Irish hospitals


I created PumpPal as a not-for-profit company to provide support to breastfeeding mums of sick and premature babies in Irish hospitals.

A PumpPal supplies a mum with items:

  • to look after herself in hospital
  • to take care of a breast pump safely in hospital
  • to bond with her baby she may be separated from due to incubator-care

Most importantly, PumpPals are intended to show breastfeeding mums of hospitalised babies that they are not alone: there are people who understand what they are going through and want to help. You can purchase a PumpPal for your loved one in the 'Buy Now' section. 

​Jan Lane Martin 

"Because mums are amazing...

and so is their breast milk"

Our PumpPal mums' stories...

"The PumpPal supported me when I couldn't, which in turn helped me support my baby... It had all the essentials that I needed"

Karen and Baby Alex

"It contained absolutely everything I needed to express milk for my little fighter. The relief was immediate"

Lynn and Baby Fionn

Jan Lane Martin, founder of PumpPal,

was awarded 'Volunteer of the Year 2019' by Friends of Breastfeeding,

and ​has been featured in: