Charlotte & Baby Daithí
" I was away from home and my other children. My mind was focused on getting our son better and the PumpPal was just like: 'Here you go, I know you didn't think of these things and you don't have to be worrying about getting them.'  Pumping can be a difficult and lonely time. This little box just got me going in the right direction and it was so nice to know that someone had been in this pumping situation, made it through the other side, and was thinking of us. It helped me so much. 

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We love hearing from mums and listening to their feedback. The testimonials below are from mums who received a PumpPal during the pilot in CHI at Crumlin between June and August 2018.

Lynn, Alan, and Baby Fionn
" PumpPal provides mothers of sick babies with the facilities and tools to express breast milk which is vital for little fighters. Jan thought of everything that helped me: a new stressed-out mother to continue to provide breast milk for my sick child. If I hadn't received my PumpPal, I know I would not have continued to express due to stress & exhaustion. "

​PumpPal Mums' Stories

Sarah-Jane and Baby Séan Óg 
“ I felt very alone and lost... I remember receiving the bag and thinking it’s so fancy and thoughtful and I felt so special that I was given this because I was breastfeeding - it made me feel very proud of what I was doing... It contains stuff that the mother probably hasn’t even thought of. As a mother, you are so focused on making sure baby has everything that it’s so easy to forget about what you need to help you express. It really was such a special thing to receive and it encouraged me to keep expressing in the early days as it made everything that bit easier. "